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2016. április 20., szerda

King & Queen 2

YES! An another fresh art-trade!

Lucy × Frieza again! A hardcore one :P

I always love to work together with she, and I'm very curious about her drawing what she make for me :P

Don't affraid to ask me a drawing! Write me bravely!

On HentaiFoundry.


YES! Another order from a very interesting person.
She asked a very pervy picture about herself, so I guessed she will spread for the world her beauty!

I got reference pictures too, and I asked only one thing in exchange what she accepted. But as the promises sadly this one is disappeared into the wind too... :( 

So, from now, I ask the payment BEFORE I draw. Thanks your understand.

Cum version:

2015. november 3., kedd

King & Queen

Yes! Frieza (from Dragonball Z) with her love, Lucy (Frieza's Love Story Fanfic)!
An art-trade for a friend.

Frieza's voice-acting: Kyon Kururugi

You can order too! And you can pay with money or with "other things" :P We can call it art-trade :P

Other versions (animated too):

2015. október 9., péntek


A very exciting doggy-request from a very exciting couple :P
Yes it was an art-trade, and what was the art what I get in exchange?
Mmm... :P A webcam-session, together...! Yes, everything could be art :P

You can order too! And you can pay with money or with "other things" :P We can call it art-trade :P

Other versions (animated too):

2015. szeptember 29., kedd


Another drawing request from a Facebook-group (here).

You can order too! And you can pay with money or with "other things" :P We can call it "art-trade" :P

Click for the cum verson:

Summer Girl

A drawing request from a Facebook-group (here), from a very kind and beautiful girl.

You can order too! And you can pay with money or with "other things" :P We can call it "art-trade" :P

Click for the other versons:

2015. február 23., hétfő

What?! My blog will be delete?

Shit. I got a mail from the Blogger, what said they will be change they policy about the contets of the blogs, so they'll be not tolerant about sexual themed contents, so the'll make the similar blogs unavailable after 23. march... Fuck the system. So people, sorry about that, but maybe my blog will be deleted in the near future :( My contents still available on Hentai Foundry and I promise I'll make a website for them sometimes. I'll notice you on my other blog (here) in a post when it'll opened. Not in the near future, but maybe in this year.

Picsába. Levelet kaptam a Bloggertől, amiben tájékoztattak, hogy a továbbiakban nem tolerálják a szexuális és pornográf jellegű tartalmakat, az új irányelveiknek megfelelően. Szóval lehet hogy törölni fogják a blogomat, legalábbis elérhetetlenné teszik, noha elvileg a művészi jellegű szexualitásra ez nem vonatkozik, de félek, a blogom nem esik ebbe a kategóriába :( A tartalmak továbbra is elérhetőek lesznek Hentai Foundry-n, illetve oda fogok is majd posztolni újakat, és ígérem, hogy még idén igyekszek tető alá hozni egy weboldalt a rajzoknak. Nem tudom mikorra sikerül kivitelezni, de egy posztban értesíteni fogok mindenkit a másik blogomon, itt.

2014. július 30., szerda

Shanna × China :::: Art-Trade

Shanna × China ::: Art-Trade

My latest art-trading with a nice person. A pic about China (from the anime Hetalia) and Shanna (crossover character).
I want to make a hentai pic about them, but I was not sure about the level of pornography and the reaction of the client :D So I figured out this position, and I guess it turned to very hot and sexy... :P What do you think? ^^

Credits: Shanna belongs to ShannaHeart

On HentaiFoundry.


2013. december 31., kedd

Anal Fisting Party

Anal Fisting Party

Well, sorry for waiting guys! I was busy in this year and I had just little time for drawing.


The Year of Anal is over! Happy New Year for everyone!
I had a raffle more than a year ago, and the winner was Rosalina×Girl!

So, this is his price - a pic just anything he want. Sorry for the looong waiting time.
On the pic: Rosalina and Temari, and a friend of mine and Desiree Cousteau. The enjoy the joy of anals of each other :P

Well, the Year of Anal is over, but there coming 2014 - there will be a new request game or raffle or something on my blog, what I'll post in January or February.

UPDATED: I forgot to shading Desiree's pantyhose and Temari's shoe... -.-@ sorry.



I didn't want to make animated version, but as I saw today is your Birthday, I guessed why not? So, happy birthday!

Here it is:

2013. március 24., vasárnap

Gifts VIP

Jeah, sorry for the lack of updates and new drawings, but I'm working a lot, and when I'm home after six, I have no energy to draw... but there is a lot of pic, what I must to finish. A gift for Ojunix, a gift for Phil Straw, and the winner drawing for Rosalina×Girl... just before I open new request/commission/art-trade slots...

"Assformers" - Gift for Ojuni

"Aya Exposed - A Futanari Adventure" - Gift for Phil Straw

2013. február 16., szombat

GIFT - Cernia Absorbed Too Much ______

Cernia absorbed too much CUM

A gift for Exodd about his OC, Cernia. Cernia's ability is that she can absorb any liquid, and she can controll them too. She can turn her body to any liquid too.

Egy ajándék rajz Exodd-nak a karakteréről, Cerniáról. Cernia képessége, hogy képes magába szívni bármilyen folyadékot, képes a testét bármilyen folyadékká változtatni, és képes irányítani is bármilyen folyadékot.

I made some version, but if you have any other idea, just write it for me in comment! Or, you can download the clean Cernia in HQ from here, sou you can draw your own Cernia, while she absorbed any liquid! Just please post the image link in comment, to share your Cernia! Thanks!

Több verziót is rajzoltam, de ha neked további ötleted lenne, írdd meg egy kommentben! Vagy, akár le is töltheted a "tiszta" Cerniát, itt lejjebb, nagy felbontásban, hogy megrajzolhasd a saját verziód, hogy Cernia hogyan szívja magába (és ereszti ki) az általad választott folyadékot! Annyit kérnék, hogy egy kommentben oszd meg a végeredményt. Köszi!

More Versions:

2013. január 26., szombat

Art-trade: Koudfoudre's Anal Breaking - HARDER!

Clean version

Well, another great art-trading! I love to make requests (at this time slots are closed), but I more love to make art-trades! You get, I get... simply. I would love to ask requests too, from artists, but I'm not so brave... :D

So, this was an art-trade with the great Skle! The draenei his OC, Koudfoudre, and he asked to me she would do some hardcore action with a random WoW guy, or girl... So here it is, in the name of The Year of Anal, muhahaha!!! :D :P I hope you like it guys! And girls!

Aaand, just to see you how worth to art-trading me, here comes the other versions, full of cum, and animated, in html5, for you all, iOS users! <3 Flash version is on Hentai Foundry. Yeah, maybe you ask just one picture, but I make three... it's worth, is not? :)

So, I have so many unfinished drawings, and I'm working a lot on my workplace, but please, bravely ask me to art-trading...! I'm gladly will!

Happy New Year of Anal to everyone!

And don't forget my survey, I need 100 answer to make an infographic about HF users (I have just 22 answer until now), so please fill it HERE.

And, for girls: I need voice-actors for my animations. Moaning-actors :) I'm gladly pay via drawing :D or paypal. Just write me an e-mail.
Here are the other versions:

2013. január 16., szerda


I try to convert my flash animations to html5 anim, for the iOS users. Jeah, I can export them from Flash, but the problem is, I made them in After Effects. So I searched for swf convert solutions. I found some, e.g. Google Swiffy, but they are not completely fit for me, 'cause they have a file size limit. Well, some of my animations are 3-6 MB, what they can't handle. I'll search for my AE source files, then I'll export them to Flash sourcefile, what I'll can save to html5, but this will take some time.

My Nathan and Cole and the Merry Anal Christmas animations are html5 at now!

2013. január 3., csütörtök

Winner of my "Just Win" raffle


generated by randomized.com

Your price is

a free request, without boundaries! Without criterias!

You would request


In drawing, of course :)

Well, this was my first raffle, but not so many people are interested, so I don't know that I'll do it again or not... Future knows. I need more attention, I guess :D

The participants was (and their lucky numbers):

Eyline (2012-101)
Rosalina x Girl (2012-102)
XOAthena (2012-103)
Rosalina x Girl (2012-104)

2012. december 30., vasárnap

2013 - The year of ANAL

Happy New Rear!

Happy New Year for Everyone!
And many-many anal penetrations for everyone in 2013!

This will be...


And a little game:

Who will fill the "0" in 2013? Who will fill that hole? Our winner!
Just win a free request, without any restrictions! You'll can request anything to draw! No restrictions, no quriterias!
What could you to do? Here are the details about the raffle.

Our recent gamers and their lucky numbers (updated at '13.01.02., 16:57 PM [GMT+1]):

Eyline (2012-101)
Rosalina x Girl (2012-102)
XOAthena (2012-103)
Rosalina x Girl (2012-104)

Hey, just they? Where are you, others? C'mon, just comment on my blogs, before too late!
More comments, more lucky numbers, more chance to win!

Deadline: 31 December, 2012., 23:59 PM (GMT+1)

Oh, and don't forget my survey: HERE

More versions:

Work in Progress

2012. december 25., kedd

Merry Anal Christmas!

... and a happy new rear!

(updated at 2013.01.16.: I changed it to html5 animation, for iOS users. You can see the flash version here)
(updated at 2013.01.16.: I changed back to flash animation, 'cause blogger isn't let me anymore to embed html5 from out here :( )